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A Literary Legend Visits Taos - Autumn 2013

Lawrence Ferlinghetti the renowned San Francisco poet, playwright, publisher, activist, and City Lights Bookstore owner visited Taos last week to celebrate the legacy of D. H. Lawrence. While in Taos he and his travel entourage toured the D. H. Lawrence Ranch in San Cristobal. The visiting scholars accompanying Lawrence included the respected San Francisco radio dramatist and retired San Francisco Art Institute philosophy professor Erik Bauersfeld; acclaimed composer and sound engineer Jim McKee; and D. H. Lawrence literary authority Ms. Helen McLeod. They were all in Taos to record audio interviews of legendary author John Nichols; noted musician Jenny Vincent; and Director Emeritus, De Golyer Library SMU, David Farmer. In addition to visiting Taos' iconic sites, there was also a celebratory luncheon held at Lamberts Restaurant in honor of D. H. Lawrence's 128th birthday on September 11 which included audio interviews with the Friends of D. H. Lawrence board members. The following poem, The Man Who Rode Away (To D. H. Lawrence) was written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

Image: The Man who Rode away - Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Part 1
Image: The Man Who Rode Away - Poem  by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Part 2
Image: The Man Who Rode Away - Poem Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Part 3

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